The 4 types shoes of shoes pack to Vacation of Thailand



What shoes to wear in Thailand?

Whether you’re coming to Thailand for a never-leave-the-resort beach vacation, city-sightseeing or a top-to-bottom exploration – at most, you need to pack just 5 pairs of shoes to wear in Thailand. Some links below contain affiliates. Enjoy!

#1. Flip-flops or slip-on sandals

Flip-flops or slip-on sandals

You take off your shoes before entering Thai homes, temples, and many shops. For convenience,need take one flip flops for Thailand.

If your itinerary will be a loop of hotel – templs – pool – spa – food/drink – repeat, this will be your most convenient shoes for Thailand. They’ll get you places comfortably, and will keep you cool while doing so.

#2. Lightweight Casual Walking Athletic Shoes

Lightweight Casual Walking Athletic Shoes

Do you need sandals with staying power?

Maybe – what do you have planned? Thailand is ready to offer you fantastic opportunities to explore jungle trails, waterfalls, national parks, remote temples and plenty of teeny, tiny islands.

#3. Dressier shoes

Dressier shoes

Do you need dressy shoes to wear in Thailand? Again, it depends what you have planned. Generally not, but Thailand has great nightlife and high-end dining – with matching dress codes. On Koh Samui, I pack a pair of topsqueen shoes for dinners at nice resorts, etc. Though, when you’re dining on the beach, “dressy” can still be made of rubber. Often, gold sandals do the trick. As for dressy clothes, see what to wear out at night.

Unless you’re an utter pro in heels, I recommend sparkly sandals or sturdy wedges as the best dressy shoes for Thailand. Whether in Bangkok or a beach town, sidewalks are uneven, lighting can be patchy and surfaces can be Teflon slippery.

#4. Rainy season shoes

Rainy season shoes

If you’re coming to Thailand in rainy season (that’s October–December “ish” on Koh Samui), you’ll definitely want to revisit the slip-proof options in #3. Many Crocs shoes make ideal rainy season shoes because One  they’re all rubber – nothing to dry out, Two they’re grippy on the bottom, and Three they’re comfy. Luckily, Crocs are atoning for past clog crimes with some much more acceptable offerings.

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