Q: Which height of heel would you recommend to a 5 foot tall woman?

  • If you are trying to achieve a little bit of movement in your body, but still you want to be presentable in a business world, for a person 5 feet tall (which is close to the average in the United States) 2,5 inches (65mm) is the most appropriate height of heel. This would be the right heel to give you a normal attitude. It’s the best height if you are planning to be on the heels between 8am and 6pm: the bottom of your foot is not too stressed and your arch allows you to walk with a pretty natural movement

3 inches (75 mm) is a good compromise between comfort and height if you are looking for a more feminine look. Beyond 3 inches, the hours you can stay in heels drastically reduces, and the pressure at the bottom of the foot escalates.

If you are planning a night out with a 4 inches heels or higher, make sure you will be sitting for dinner, and just take few steps in and out the restaurant to get to the car. If you are planning to dance all night, you are better to stay on the 75mm and get a shoe that has a sexy upper on a 75mm heel (3 inches). This height is really the best compromise.

Q: Is there a “suggested” relationship between the height of the heel and the length of the leg?

  • Oh yes of course. If you think many Japanese women, that tend to be extremely short, tend to be pretty funny with the sky-platform heels they wear. It’s the same situation of the hair length: if you are really really short, it’s better to keep the hair shorter than your shoulder level instead of very very long. It all depends on balance and proportions. Some people are very much into proportions, some others don’t care. But for an elegant standpoint proportions are important!. A very tall woman probably doesn’t even need a very high heel but yes, she would look better from a proportion standpoint. Longer legs can afford higher heels.

Q: Is there an heel shape that looks better or that is simply more appropriate to a chunkier leg?

  • I believe that if somebody has chunkier legs, like any other part of the body, shouldnt be emphasized. For example, a person with a very wide foot shouldn’t wear white shoes. Probably solid colors, not too many patterns would be better than bright colors. Not because you want to hide something, just because you want to avoid to emphasize it.

Having said that, we need to keep in mind that a heavier person has better chances to have fun shopping for shoes than for dresses. Shoes are “easier” to dress in a way and you have a wider range as opposed to skirts, dresses and pants. It’s easier to find a pair of shoes than a pretty pretty dress in a bigger size. Shoes are a little bit more “democratic”. For this reason, all we said before, has to be adapted and manipulated according to the situation. Women with large sizes, tend to go crazy on shoes, just because they have a larger choice in this industry of accessories. On shoes they can really splurge and spend money.

A large size woman, might choose to wear a stylish everything black kind of an outfit and may be have a fun shoe matching her lips. Its a good way of taking the attention away from the size of the body, and putting it on the accessories and the make up.

Its very important to make a choice according to the body, type but look wise is what pleases your eye and makes you happy that counts


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